Let’s Talk about Squirting


Some key points to know about female ejaculation:

  • Women can ejaculate too!
  • There is nothing wrong or shameful about squirting.
  • Not everyone is able to squirt.

Ejaculation is a powerful physical experience that has traditionally been associated with male sexuality and the penis. However, ejaculation from the vulva or vagina can also occur during, before, after, or without orgasm. As society becomes more aware of the fact that women and people assigned female at birth have their own sexuality and are not just passive sexual objects, there is more openness and understanding about our sexual biology, desires, and appetites. Squirting is just one aspect of this.

What is squirting/female ejaculation?

During sexual activity, some people with vulvas may experience the involuntary emission of fluid, which is often referred to as "squirting" or "female ejaculation" (though not everyone with a vulva identifies as female, and not all people who identify as female have a vulva). Some people may feel that squirting is a trick that is expected of them to perform, but for others, it can be empowering. It is also important to consider how the concept of "female ejaculation" may be perceived by people who do not identify within the gender binary.

A quick run through on the history of squirting

Female ejaculation has been occurring for a long time. In 2010, urologist Joanna Korda and her colleagues researched ancient literary texts and found multiple references to the ejaculation of sexual fluids. The Kamasutra, written between 200 and 400 AD, mentions "female semen" that "falls continually," and a 4th century Taoist text called "Secret Instructions Concerning the Jade Chamber" distinguishes between "slippery vagina" and "the genitals transmit fluid," which Korda and her coauthors interpret as female ejaculation.

Is squirting simply urine?

In 2014, female ejaculation was banned from UK-produced pornography, which sparked significant protest as it suggests that ejaculation from a vulva is abnormal while ejaculation from a penis is normal. Censors reportedly had difficulty distinguishing between female ejaculation and urination, which is considered an "obscene" pornographic act. There is ongoing scientific debate about the composition of female ejaculatory fluid. While the exact makeup of the fluid is not yet fully understood, it has been shown to contain urine and may also contain a combination of other fluids.

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