is an invite only community. As a socially conscious community, our mission is to break period poverty and period stigmas by providing cleaner, healthier, and more economical periods through our Girlfriend Menstrual Cup, the first foldable cup designed for Asian Bodies.

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Marketing Support from Filmore, Influencers, and Celebrities

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Marketing Support from Filmore, Influencers, and Celebrities

Access to a library of Marketing materials

Get life-long exclusive discounts and perks


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Alicia Bella, 21

Revolutionary design, I've never

seen a collapsible menstrual cup

with unique compartment that

makes storing so much easier.

Audrey Isman, 22

Girlfriend Cup is super soft so

it's easy to remove. It's

collapsible and I got free case

to bring it anywhere.

Novielyn, 30

Love the colorways as it is not

transparent and changes color

over time. The material is soft

and easy to use for first timer.

did you know?

“Over the course of a lifetime, somewhere between 10 to 15 thousand pads and tampons, the vast majority of which will wind up in landfills as plastic waste.”


Tampons come wrapped in plastic, encased in plastic applicators, with plastic strings dangling from one end, and many even include a thin layer of plastic in the absorbent part. Pads generally incorporate even more plastic, from the leak-proof base to the synthetics that soak up fluid to the packaging.

By switching to Filmore Girlfriend Menstrual Cup, you no longer have to use anymore pads and tampons, therefore reducing plastic waste in this world.


The average woman will spend about IDR 25jt over the course of her entire life just on period care - which includes menstrual pads, tampons, and panty liners. Many girls and women living who live below minimum wage struggle to provide for themselves.

Filmore Girlfriend Menstrual Cup will last you up to ten years.


Tampon users are at the highest risk of getting toxic shock because bacteria can build up in the tampons. Menstrual pad users can also get toxic shock syndrome if the pad is not changed and removed. 

Filmore Girlfriend Menstrual Cup is made of German medical grade silicone and does not attract bacteria build up; it is the safest period care to use.

as a company, we are committed to donating 2% of our net profits every quarter to providing education of feminine hygiene and health to underprivileged societies. We work together with established organizations to donate money, time, and our products to these impoverished communities.