Unveiling the Taboo: Exploring Denial of Pregnancy and It’s Psychological Impact

Unveiling the Taboo: Exploring Denial of Pregnancy and It’s Psychological Impact

Pregnancy is known as a special moment for some married couples who are waiting for the journey of life. And being parents is the decision to start a family. However, some women experience a unique phenomenon known as denial of pregnancy. As we know that pregnancy is a time of overwhelming emotional and physical change for women which will experience a major transition period. So, it is very important to be prepared for pregnancy. 

What is denial of pregnancy?

Denial of pregnancy, also called "pregnancy denial" or "cryptic pregnancy," is a psychological condition in a woman remains unaware of her pregnancy or consciously rejects the fact that she is pregnant. This can happen for various reasons and may involve complex emotional and psychological factors. The major reason is because they don't want to be pregnant. Actually, denial of pregnancy is still so taboo. In fact, this condition happens all around us, because this pregnancy occurs without symptoms, especially for some women who refuse to get pregnant due to mental and physical unpreparedness.

Why does it happen?

Cases of denial of pregnancy commonly happen likely to be young-women, why? It is because they were shocked by the pregnancy and unready to have a child. Physical and mental preparation are two important factors in pregnancy to maintain maternal and fetal health to adapt their future maternal role. 

How does denial of pregnancy occur without symptoms?

  1. Commonly, pregnancy symptoms are morning sick, nausea, and pelvic cramps. In some cases of denial of pregnancy they don’t feel such symptoms, because they basically deny or refuse the presence of pregnancy.
  2. Underestimate the implantation bleeding. The symptom is very similar to menstruation, even though she was pregnant. So, the woman will not think that she is pregnant.
  3. The syndrom will make a fetus hide in your back so you don’t have a belly. So, there is no baby bump.
  4. In some cases, women may acknowledge pregnancy after seeing prenatal ultrasonography or USG.

From a medical perspective, denial of pregnancy is a rare but real phenomenon. Denial of pregnancy is a mesmerizing aspect of the human experience, shedding light on the intricate connections between the mind and the body. Keep in mind that our mind and soul are very, very powerful. This case should be seen as a ‘red flag’ and proof that women can be given the appropriate help from OBGYN doctors and psychologists.