Healthy Relationship Bundle
Healthy Relationship Bundle
Healthy Relationship Bundle
Healthy Relationship Bundle
Healthy Relationship Bundle


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A bundle of 1 Spritz Sister Mist and 2 Boyfriend Wet Wipes for that fun and healthy sexy time. Use Spritz Sister Mist as a topical hygiene measure and Boyfriend wet wipes to clean afterwards. Spray Spritz Sister Mist once more to protect against infections.


About Spritz Sister Mist

Spritz Sister Mist is a topical treatment for the intimate area that refreshes, sanitizes, and protects against infections such as Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Bacterial Vaginosis, and yeast infections.

Made from Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) that is naturally produced by our immune system. HOCl is proven to be 99,999% effective in killing causes of infections without causing irritation.

KEMENKES RI PKD 20501121905

Beaubit: Indonesia Ministry of Health Certified PKD 20501121905

About Boyfriend Wet Wipes

Boyfriend Wet Wipes is a gentle wet wipes clinically tested safe for the intimate area. It is made from super soft bamboo fiber that is 100% biodegradable. Contains 99% purified water infused with natural soothing agents: Aloe vera, Chamomile, Cucumber, Licorice, and Pomegranate extract.

BPOM Certified NA11211600001.


Alcohol-free • Fragrance-free • pH Balanced •Hypoallergenic • Pregnancy-safe • Postpartum-safe

odor free 8+ hours latex free halal cruelty free we’re sustainable toxic free

alcohol-free ♥ fragrance-free ♥ sulfate-free ♥ organic ♥ ph-balanced ♥ hypoallergenic

how to use

1. Directly spray Spritz Sister Mist on your intimate area.

2. Wait until dry. No rinsing needed.

3. Fresh and protected, you're ready to go!


1.  As a hygiene measure before and after sexual intercourse.

2. To help prevent & treat Urinary Tract Infection, Bacterial Vaginosis,

     and Yeast Infection

*Spritz Sister Mist is only an aid in keeping your vagina fresh & healthy.

For topical use only.