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Girlfriend Menstrual Cup Regular


The patent-pending design, collapsible Menstrual Cup designed for beginners and Asian bodies or those with low cervixes. Made of hypoallergenic, super-flexible Wacker German Medical-Grade silicone, making it an easy fit every time. The healthier option for women who are prone to vaginal infections, vaginitis, and toxic shock syndrome as bacteria cannot grow on our silicone material.


  • Regular (holds up to 23ml or equal to 4-5 menstrual pads.

    Suitable for heavy flow (period day 1 to 3)

  • Mini (holds up to 13ml or equal to 2-3 menstrual pads.

    Suitable for light flow (period day 4 to 7)


WACKER Germany medical grade silicone. DO NOT BOIL this silicone.


KEMENKES RI and patent-pending.

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1. Why is Girlfriend Menstrual Cup better?

First, Girlfriend Menstrual Cup is collapsible, making it super compact and travel-friendly. It is designed specifically with softer material and inner rim that suites the Asian pelvic anatomy.

2. Is Girlfriend Menstrual Cup safe?

Yes, we use medical grade silicone that is FDA-approved. It is non-porous so it doesn't absorb any bacteria, virus, or fungi, making it antibacterial.

3. How long can I wear Girlfriend Menstrual Cup inside my body?

It is safe to wear up to 10 hours but we recommend emptying and cleaning the cup every 6 hours to prevent odor and leakage.

4. How long can I use Girlfriend Menstrual Cup?

Girlfriend Menstrual Cup can last up to 10 depending on how you use it. We don't recommend boiling the cup as the material will react to the heat. Mendical grade silicone can be cleaned by gentle soap and running water.

5. How to I clean my Girlfriend Menstrual Cup?

You can clean Girlfriend Menstrual Cup with gentle soap such as baby soap and running water before and after use.

6. Can I wear Girlfriend Menstrual Cup if I have IUD?

Yes, doctors recommend to start using menstrual cup after minimum a month of IUD insertion. Please consult with your doctor beforehand.